Halloween comes from Celtic festival known as Samhain which means “summer's end”. It celebrates the end of the lighter and beginning of the darker part of the year. Some people call it the "Celtic New Year".

Costumes and games

On Halloween the most important thing is hollow pumpkin with a candle in the middle to scare away evil spirits. People also believe the black cat is a symbol of Christmas. The children play trick-or-treat: they collect candies, but when they don’t get them, they throw eggs at the owners’ window.

A popular Halloween costume is the ghost. Children also dress up as vampires, witches, pirates and zombies. “Death” is also popular, as is a cat, a mummy or a scarecrow. People also like to dress up as devils, bats. On Halloween young people sometimes try to call the spirits.

Around the world

Halloween is not celebrated in all countries and regions of the world.. Celebration in the United States and Canada has had a big impact on how the other nations see the holiday. It has appeared in places such as South America and Europe.

In Poland, the adult host many cultural events at nightclubs, theatre performances and film screenings in cinemas. Schools and kindergartens organise extra fun for their students. On Halloween children come to school dressed as scary movie characters.

Autor: Tomasz Kulikowski